Thursday, September 2, 2021

Gimbal Adapter Radiomaster TX16S-Flysky FS-HZCZ03-ADJ


The following components are needed:

- 2x PETG adapter plates with 4xM2 nut insert pre-mounted.

- 1x adapter cable

- 4x M2 nut

- 4x M2x6 screw

- 4x M2x12 screw

How to replace the TX16S gimbals with Flysky gimbals:

1. Dismount the original gimbal (keep the 8 screws, will be needed for the adapter plate).

2. Mount the 2 PETG adapter plates with the 8 original gimbal screws.(Don't overtighten the screws!)

3. Mount the 4 M2 nuts in the outer position of the adapter plates like shown in the following video:

4. Mount the Flysky gimbals with 4xM2x6 and 4xM2x12 screws. (Don't overtighten the screws!)

5. Connect the adapter cable between gimbal and TX16S main board.

The Flysky gimbals are supported (currently) only with EdgeTX Firmware. Here is the Wiki page: Gimbal Flysky Mod EdgeTX

You can get all the necessary items for the mod from here: Gimbal Adapter TX16S-Flysky